Qualcomm’s BREW Team Chooses 1-for-All for Localization Management

The BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) platform, created by the QUALCOMM Internet Services division, allows developers to build applications that operate on all wireless phones with CDMA chipsets. Following John White’s work in localizing QUALCOMM’s Eudora Pro e-mail client, the BREW team chose him for localization management of their Windows-based Software Development Kit (SDK), including handset emulator and other development tools.

Localization management and launch of an SDK calls upon 1-for-All Marketing’s expertise in:

  • creating realistic lab environments similar to those faced by overseas users
  • managing the day-to-day relationship with localization vendors
  • designing and executing multi-country beta test programs
  • mobilizing the international support and resources of strategic partners and overseas offices
  • tailoring QA reporting and workflow to accommodate linguistic and functional testing
  • maintaining translation memory, glossaries and databases for cost savings in future releases
  • complying with large-enterprise requirements for configuration management, product numbering and release management

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