Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, sometimes called electronic or "e-marketing", offers some of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads and sales.

  • Search Engine Marketing: Search engine marketing can be a very cost-effective lead and sales generator for companies and is an increasingly popular tool in the marketerís arsenal. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be thought of as the process of designing, coding, and wordsmithing a Web site for the purpose of improving its natural or "organic" rankings within search engine results.

    Pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising, on the other hand, is the purchase of clicks (visitors) to your Web site from ads placed in a sponsored links section of the search results page, usually on the top, right-hand side or both. With pay-per-click, vendors compete for top ad placements by bidding on each keyword, where the higher the bid price the higher the ad appears in the search results for the keyword. The bid price is what the advertiser is willing to pay to get a visitor to their site.

    Today, search engines are one of the top ways people find the products and services they are interested in. However, if they donít see a listing for you, because you rank poorly in the organic listing section or you donít have a pay-per-click ad, they wonít find you.

    1-for-All can assist you in a variety of ways to turn search engines into high-volume lead and sales generators, including:
    • Help you answer questions like "Is search engine marketing a good fit for me?", "Should I do SEO, PPC or both? ", "Which should I do first? ".
    • Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign creation and ongoing management.
    • Search Engine Optimization campaign creation and ongoing management.
    • Getting the most from your search engine marketing spend.

  • Web Site Audit: Your Web site is your "face to the world". As such, it should be compelling, appealing and highly functional. Visitors should find their time on your site a positive and rewarding experience. Before conducting costly marketing campaigns designed to drive people to your site, you want to know that it will support your sales efforts, not work against you. In conducting a Web Site Audit, 1-for-All will provide you detailed feedback and recommendations on the user experience, including:
    • The overall look and feel and how it supports - or doesnít support - your brand.
    • Ease of navigation and the ability of visitors to quickly find information they are interested in.
    • How the site can be improved to generate more leads and sales.

  • Opt-in E-mail: Opt-in e-mail, sometimes called permission based e-mail (in contrast to spam), to the right audience can be an excellent way to generate leads and sales. Whether youíre primarily interested in creating a winning campaign to an in-house prospect or client list, or obtaining new prospects and clients using third party opt-in lists, 1-for-All can help with:
    • Campaign planning and management.
    • E-mail message creation and testing.
    • Meeting the CAN-SPAM Act guidelines.
    • Selecting e-mail service providers to handle mail outs to large in-house lists.
    • 3rd party opt-in e-mail list source selection, procurement and delivery coordination.

  • Electronic Newsletter Sponsorship Advertising: Ads in topically focused e-newsletters can be a great way to get your message out to highly targeted audiences. 1-for-All can help you by:
    • Identifying the best e-newsletters to reach your target audience.
    • Creating attention getting ads designed to get action.
    • Negotiating the best ad placement deals.
    • Handling ad placement and other media coordination activities.

  • Internet Advertising: Also called banner advertising, this form of electronic marketing has been experiencing a major resurgence of interest and effectiveness with the availability of pay-per-click (PPC) and other pay-per-action (PPA) type programs, which take much of the budgetary risks out of Internet advertising. Savvy marketers are finding that this can be a very cost-effective means of generating traffic, leads and ultimately sales. 1-for-All can show you how. Hereís how we can help:
    • Determine if Internet advertising is a good fit, based upon your offering and target audience.
    • Create ads designed to generate targeted visitors.
    • Identify which banner networks and individual Web sites offer the best deals and audience fits.
    • Get you extraordinarily good deals on your banner placement buys.
    • Handle all aspects of campaign management, tuning, tracking and reporting.

  • Link Placement and Exchange Programs: Having links to your Web site listed on other sites, particularly those offering complimentary products and services, can be a great way to generate high quality visitors. Additionally, some of the top search engines, including Google, use site linking in their calculations that determine a Web siteís ranking. 1-for-All can help take the hassle out of the research and effort required to create a successful link exchange campaign:
    • Identification of complimentary sites.
    • Contacting site publishers to set up the link placement or exchange.
    • Monitoring compliance to ensure the link gets up, stays up and is working properly.

  • Creation of Action Getting Landing Pages: Regardless of the online or offline marketing approach you use to drive potential customers to your site, you wonít get nearly as many without landing pages specifically designed to get the visitor to take action. Home pages and typical product information pages just donít get the job done, and can cost you a high percentage of your potential form fills - usually in the 2x to 5x range. Even when using landing pages, very simple changes have been shown to improve form fill ratios by 20% or more. 1-for-All can help you by creating new or tuning existing landing pages that will up your lead count and move more visitors from browser to buyer.

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