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White Papers, Case Studies, Technical Articles and Web Content from 1-for-All Marketing

  • Technical White Papers: Technical audiences want to understand your offering before they will listen to your sales team. Our writers can distill your technology into white papers that get to the point and convey your technical benefits.
  • Business White Papers: Even when you have explained your technical benefits clearly, you must still explain the business benefits of your product or service. We help frame those business benefits in language that resonates with your prospects.
  • PowerPoint Conversions: Presentations created for trade shows, seminars and sales calls are goldmines of material for white papers, but bullets and graphics tell a pretty meager story without compelling narrative. We help convert your presentations into action-getting white papers that stand on their own.
  • Customer Success Stories and Case Studies: Many journalists rightfully demand an interview with actual customers using or evaluating a new product. By preparing a succinct case study that shows how a customer benefited from using your product, we can increase journalists' interest in covering your story. These case studies will also be invaluable to your sales teams and as Web content.
  • Technical Articles/FAQs: Our team can help you create technical articles for trade publications and newsletters that will position you as technology leaders in your market.
  • Web Content: Whether creating new text or repurposing existing text, 1-for-All will help you ensure that your Web site content is on message and gets your audiences to take action.
  • Domain Expertise: Our client list testifies to our versatility. We help technology (wireless, IT, hardware, software) and industrial clients tell their story.
  • Datasheets, Product Briefs, Collateral: Our crisp, customer-oriented collateral and Web content will help prospects and press alike understand the value of your product with a minimum of words.
  • Corporate Backgrounders and Overviews: Producing a corporate overview will help to sharpen your company's focus and enable you to explain real customer benefits succinctly.
  • Speech and Presentation Writing: We have extensive experience writing presentations and producing materials for a wide variety of technical speaking engagements.
  • Press Releases: We research, compose, write and edit your press releases from start to finish. We interview the key people involved with the news item being covered and produce a concise, compelling, well written, attention-getting press release.

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